Colorado - not a state to be fat in

Apparently, we are screwed. Since my husband is starting a new business, for which he’s the only employee, he has to get individual health insurance. Well, guess what? In Colorado no one gives fat people health insurance. Which is great for thin folks, because they have really low premiums… but how the hell do they expect unhealthy people to get healthier without insurance?

There’s a last resort that’s insanely expensive and provides crappy coverage… and it seems we’ll have to go that route. The only thing that might save us is if my husband can find “group of 1″ coverage… but that seems unlikely. The business pays for our premiums, but the deductibles and co-pays are our responsibility.

So, I’d better find a job with health insurance, preferably one that I can put him on, too. Otherwise, I won’t be getting much in the way of medical care for quite some time. Oh, and none of my currently existing conditions will be covered for six months… which I figured would be the case, but it still sucks ass.

No wonder Colorado is the thinnest state…

Oh, and apparently, if you’re self-insured, you can’t have babies in Colorado… not if you want their medical care covered. Most plans do not cover any prenatal care or labor and delivery. Which, granted, isn’t an immediate issue… but it isan issue. It means that my husband has to wait until the business is big enough to hire someone before we can have ! Or we’d have to pay out of pocket. The crappy insurance does cover it, but that’s so expensive we’ll never be able to have them anyway….

The wake up call here is obvious, but what’s more obvious is that I now can’t bank on a “last resort option” of WLS, because I very seriously doubt any health coverage in Colorado would cover the surgery. It’s such an enormous risk, and the potential for post-surgical complications is huge… even if it goes very smoothly, there are often still repercussions of a medical nature. So, just when I’d started to think I should just admit defeat and have the surgery… it becomes very likely that’s not going to be an option, and I just have to do it on my own. A daunting task, when one has recently come to the conclusion that she can’t.

Oh, new development on the crappy coverage… we might have to be residents of Colorado for six months before we’re eligible. Six months with no insurance is simply not an option.

Suddenly, the move we’ve so been looking forward to presents an enormous challenge we did not expect… and with 21 days to go, we’re in really deep shit.